This Earth Day, we wanted to thank you for your support for solar and protecting our clean energy future.

Every kilowatt of energy generated by rooftop solar is one fewer that NV Energy needs  to generate in a polluting fossil fuel power plant. And because rooftop solar is generated in your communities we need to produce less because of waste in transmitting energy.

Traditional power plants consume 6.3 billion gallons of water every year, according to the Desert Research Institute. Generating energy from rooftop solar saved over 56 million gallons of water in 2014 – enough to fill the Bellagio fountain more than two times!

If we bring back rooftop solar and allow the industry to keep growing, rooftop solar systems would save an estimated 200 million gallons of water every year by 2022.

With support from Nevadans like you, we can protect our precious water and use our greatest national resource -- the sun – to make Nevada a national leader in clean energy again.

Sign up to join Bring Back Solar, and contact your state legislators to make sure they are working on bringing rooftop solar back to Nevada.