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Las Vegas, Nev. – Bring Back Solar announced today that Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) has joined the Alliance. EDF is one of the world’s largest environmental advocacy organizations, dedicated to preserving the natural systems on which all life depends. EDF partners closely with other organizations — in business, government and communities — to develop market-friendly solutions that bring lasting change.

“Environmental Defense Fund believes prosperity and environmental stewardship must go hand in hand,” said Jim Marston, Environmental Defense Fund’s Vice President, Clean Energy. “Guided by science and economics, we use markets to tackle the toughest environmental issues. EDF envisions a future where everyone—including homeowners—can produce and sell power, and make quick adjustments to usage based on their electricity needs. Prior to the Public Utilities Commission’s solar rate hike, Nevada had long been a leader in clean energy, but now the state has taken a major step backwards. We are proud to join the fight to bring back solar, which has the capacity to reduce harmful pollution for all Nevadans (solar or non-solar owners alike) while creating homegrown, well-paying jobs all across the state.”

The Bring Back Solar Alliance is working to overturn the Public Utilities Commission’s unpopular solar rate hike so that Nevadans can affordably go solar. The Alliance is supported by over 100,000 Nevadans, as well as a wide range of Nevada businesses and not-for-profits.


The Bring Back Solar Alliance is the alliance that supports the No Solar Tax PAC.  The No Solar Tax PAC is supported by Nevada citizens, homeowners, businesses, and not-for-profits, working together to bring back Nevada solar, clean energy jobs, and energy choice.