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Las Vegas, Nev. – Clarus Power, a social platform that helps homeowners make the right choices when going solar, has joined the Bring Back Solar Alliance. Dedicated to changing the world with clean energy, Clarus Power empowers individuals to make a positive impact with renewable energy.

“Like the Bring Back Solar Alliance, Clarus Power believes clean solar energy should be affordable for everyone,” said Page Crahan, Clarus Power’s President. “Air pollution from burning dirty fossil fuels is one of the top three risk factors for premature disease in the United States. We are tackling air pollution by making it easy to go solar. Rooftop solar also creates local jobs that cannot be outsourced, and empowers customers to independently produce clean energy while saving money. We’ve been buying our energy the same way for hundreds of years and we believe there’s a better way.”

The Bring Back Solar Alliance is supported by over 100,000 Nevadans along with a broad coalition of outraged citizens, not-for-profits, and Nevada businesses. The Alliance is fighting for the opportunity to overturn the unpopular solar rate hike passed by the Public Utilities Commission in late December.


The Bring Back Solar Alliance is the alliance that supports the No Solar Tax PAC. The No Solar Tax PAC is supported by Nevada citizens, homeowners, businesses, and not-for-profits, working together to bring back Nevada solar, clean energy jobs, and energy choice.