Las Vegas, Nev. – Bring Back Solar Alliance Communications Director Chandler Sherman released the following statement today announcing that the Alliance has gathered over 100,000 supporters:

“We are proud to announce that in just over two months, the Bring Back Solar Alliance has mobilized over 100,000 supporters across Nevada to join the effort to bring back solar. The Bring Back Solar Alliance now has nearly twice as many supporters as the number of signatures needed to be on the ballot this November. In addition to our 100,000 supporters, the Alliance has also announced 11 organizational members, including solar installers, community organizations, religious groups, and political advocacy groups from both sides of the aisle.

Since the Alliance formed in late January, our diverse coalition of solar customers, laid-off solar workers, and advocates have asked their fellow Nevadans to commit to support our efforts. So many of our supporters have signed up to join the campaign in-person, after speaking with their friends and neighbors about what the fight to bring back solar means to Nevada.

Over 90% of Nevadans disagree with the Public Utilities Commission’s anti-solar rules, and Nevadans want the choice to affordably produce their own energy. Our referendum will give the people the opportunity to undo the Public Utilities Commission’s misguided solar rate hike this November. We are thrilled that so many Nevadans understand the importance of the Bring Back Solar movement and have added their voices to this cause. We look forward to beginning the official signature collection process soon.” 


The Bring Back Solar Alliance is the alliance that supports the No Solar Tax PAC.  The No Solar Tax PAC is supported by Nevada citizens, homeowners, businesses, and not-for-profits, working together to bring back Nevada solar, clean energy jobs, and energy choice.