CONTACT: Bob Greenlee
(702) 608-7637
March 1, 2016

Las Vegas, Nev. – Today the Bring Back Solar Alliance announced that the Nevada Solar Owners Association has joined the Alliance to bring back solar to Nevada. The Bring Back Solar Alliance is a coalition of Nevada businesses, not-for-profits, and outraged homeowners working together to fight the Public Utilities Commission’s unpopular new net
metering rules that have driven the solar industry out of state.

The Nevada Solar Owners Association is a volunteer non-profit (501c3) organization dedicated to organizing Nevada residents who own or lease rooftop solar generation systems.

“As the only organization representing Nevada solar customers, we are thrilled to be a part of the Bring Back Solar Alliance,” said Greg Ferrante, founder of the Nevada Solar Owners Association. “We are glad that so many groups, including laid-off solar workers, solar companies, community groups, and others are coming together to support bringing solar back to Nevada.”

As an association of solar customers, the Nevada Solar Owners Association has seen the benefits that rooftop solar promises to Nevada, and will fight to provide other Nevadans with the opportunity to affordably choose rooftop solar. By joining the Bring Back Solar Alliance, they are joining with the 89% of Nevadans who believe that the Public Utilities Commission made the wrong decision when it adopted its misguided new net metering rules.

The Bring Back Solar Alliance has filed a referendum to give the people the right to veto these rules on the November ballot.

Since its formation, more than ninety thousand Nevadans have pledged to support the Bring Back Solar Alliance’s referendum—nearly double the number of supporters who would need to sign on to place the referendum on the general election ballot.


The Bring Back Solar Alliance is the alliance that supports the No Solar Tax PAC. The No Solar Tax PAC is supported by Nevada citizens, homeowners, businesses, and not-forprofits, working together to bring back Nevada solar, clean energy jobs, and energy choice.