Las Vegas, Nev. – Bring Back Solar Alliance spokesperson Bob Greenlee released the following statement today regarding Commissioner Noble’s proposal that fails to provide grandfathering to existing solar customers on previous rates:

“Make no mistake.  Commissioner Noble’s proposal today does not protect existing solar customers. It only drags out the punishment. 

Thousands of Nevadans were encouraged to invest in solar by programs put in place by the utility and PUC. Many Nevada solar customers pay for solar power by the month, at fixed rates over 20 years, similar to a home mortgage. Others purchased their systems upfront with the expectation of recouping their original investment over a number of years. But instead of allowing solar owners to re-coup their investment for the electricity they produce at the rates at which they interconnected their systems, Commissioner Noble’s proposal erodes these rates over time, punishing them more and more over time for their investment in Nevada’s future.

Commissioner Noble missed an opportunity to be fair to the over 17,000 Nevada solar customers.  Instead, his decision ignored the Bureau of Consumer Protection, NV Energy, and the 89% of people who opposed the original decision.  Rather than standing with the people, Commissioner Noble chose to stand by the outrageous bait and switch the Public Utilities Commission pulled on Nevada solar customers.

If the Public Utilities Commission adopts the proposed decision, we  urge the Legislature to call a special session immediately to solve the problem that the unelected Public Utilities Commission has created.  The Legislature has the power to immediately bring back solar for all Nevadans and to restore fairness to the over 17,000 solar customers that today’s proposal would leave out in the cold.

We are also disappointed that the proposed decision also rejects the Petitions for Reconsideration submitted by the Alliance for Solar Choice, the Bureau of Consumer Protection, and other parties.  If state leadership will not act, the Bring Solar Back Alliance will provide the people with the opportunity to speak in November. Our referendum will bring back thousands of jobs and keep solar affordable for everyone in the state. Tens of thousands have already pledged to support our referendum this November, and we look forward to adding tens of thousands more over the coming weeks."