About the Bring Back Solar Alliance

The Bring Back Solar Alliance is a diverse coalition of Nevada citizens and over two dozen small businesses, non-profits, and community groups fighting to overturn the Public Utilities Commission solar rate hike and restore Nevadans’ right to generate their own clean energy affordably.

Last December, the Public Utilities Commission placed discriminatory charges on rooftop solar customers, increasing their utility bills by 50%. In an unprecedented move, these new charges were also imposed on the 30,000 Nevadans who had already invested in solar.  This rate hike wiped out the independent solar economy: rooftop solar applications have fallen 99%, putting  thousands of Nevadans out of work.

Our coalition is fighting to put consumers ahead of the monopoly utility company by restoring rules that allow rooftop solar to compete, protect existing rooftop solar customers, and allow Nevadans the freedom to choose clean energy.

Join us in our fight restore Nevada’s rightful place as a leader in the clean energy economy.